Thursday, August 13, 2015

#432 Process Cloud Service - Instance Tracking and Alter Flow/Resume

This is a cool PCS feature, but let's look at who can track what and
who can alter process flow and resume.

Here is my demo process -

In this scenario I have the following roles/users.

PCS admin user: weblogic
App roles as follows -

Now the flow is simple -

1. jstein enters a purchase requisition, kicking off the process.
2. vhugo does the first level approval.

jstein forgets to enter the booking start date - this will raise an error.

Initiator (jstein) does some Tracking -

He sees the instance has been suspended.

He drills down to the details -

He sees the instance has been suspended, but not why.

The Approver (vhugo) does some Tracking -

He sees nothing, nada, nichts!

The Process Owner (istone) does some Tracking -

On logging in, he sees -

There is our suspended instance -

He clicks on Tracking -

He opens the instance -

Note: the owner has Alter Flow / Resume functionality.

He sees the error message -

and naturally can take corrective action.

The PCS Admin (weblogic) does some Tracking -

and sees the same as the process owner -

The process owner Alters Flow / Resumes

Back to istone, he logs in and corrects the error and the process resumes -


Looks like we're back in business...

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