Tuesday, March 24, 2015

# 386 Stream Explorer - Targets --> Type: CSV File

According to the ORCL docs -

Every exploration must be configured with a target to send the details downstream. Unless the exploration is published, you cannot send the events downstream to the configured target.

Ok, so Targets are required to send data downstream, e.g. via EDN to a SOA composite, or simply via a file. Before we look in detail at Targets, a word about the difference between draft and published.

Per default, Stream Explorer explorations are created as draft.

Again, to quote the docs -

The draft exploration is not available to other users of the application. An exploration moves to a published state when it is published. When a published exploration is deleted or unpublished, the exploration moves to a draft state.

Now that we have cleared that up, let's move on to Targets -

Let's look at our simple exploration again -

I want to write this data to a file so I set up the following Target -

I now have to Publish the Exploration -

Note the Exploration has status Published.

Now, where is the output file?

Here is the data -

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