Tuesday, March 24, 2015

#385 Stream Explorer - Preferences

In the previous posts I have covered data manipulation via summaries, group by, filters etc.
I also demonstrated the use of a simple time window - analysing orders over a rolling 5 minute time window.

Now I would like to take a step back and look at the Stream Explorer Preferences and what we can do with them.

Under General - we can set the default page after login -

Amending this setting to Catalog results in me being re-directed directly to the Catalog list after login.

View Mode allows us to select between the following -

Browser and Projector.

Selecting Projector will apply a different skin, appropriate when viewing the app on a projector.

Maybe you can notice the subtle difference.

Notifications -

You are usually notified via a popup box on the UI, when you create, amend artifacts in Stream Explorer. If you do not want to see these messages, then de-select the above.

Catalog -

Let's us configure how we want to view the Catalog.

I want to see my Favourites first -

Exploration / Live Output Stream -

Here I can set the number of rows to be displayed.
Note, the default is 100.

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