Monday, March 23, 2015

#382 First steps with Oracle Stream Explorer

When you login, you see the five default catalog sections. In this version of the product, they simply provide the ability for you to do functional categorization. 

I will create my first simple example in the Customer Experience and Consumer Analytics section.

I click on the icon and see the following -

This is the default view in all sections -

Here I can create Explorations, Streams, References etc.
So what are these?

Stream: An incoming flow of events that you want to analyze, for example a stream of JMS, EDN events, or simulated Business events from a CSV file

Exploration: An application that correlates events from streams, data from data sources, even other Explorations. It uses filters, groupings, summaries, ranges, and more to Identify, Qualify and Expose a Real Time Business Solution.

Shape: A blueprint of an event in a stream or data in a data source.
Essentially, how the business data is represented in the selected stream.

Reference: A connection to static data that is joined to your stream to

enrich it and/or to be used in business logic and output.

Note the Tag customer
This is used for classification purposes.

The user can add more tags if required. The idea is to make resources easy to find thru such business
oriented classification.

I begin by creating  a stream based on a simple csv file. This file is based on the following excel sheet. Essentially I want to analyse incoming orders.

  • Create a new stream, based on the test csv file – myOrderList.txt. The file is available here

Notice, I added some Tags to the Stream definition.

Define the Shape – the business user view of the data –

That's the stream created, now for the Exploration -

The exploration is created and we see the streaming data.

To this exploration we can add summaries such as -

We can also add the temporal aspect to the exploration -

We can also add filters such as -

I can easily rename/hide the columns -

Check out the Catalog -

We can mark the Exploration as a Favourite -

We can also search by Tag -

The next post will cover these basic components in depth, as well as the other features of Stream Explorer.

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