Thursday, June 26, 2014

#9 SOA 12c New Features - Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Oracle Managed File Transfer (MFT), a companion product to SOA that helps organizations regain control over file exchanges and solve the problems created by the uncontrolled proliferation of FTP servers.

Here is a simple example based on MFT running on a compact domain.

The MFT design time is web based.
URL:    http://localhost:7001/mftconsole

I login as weblogic/welcome1

There are 3 tabs -
1. Design
2. Monitoring
3. Administration

Let's start with a very banal example - I want to transfer files from one directory
to another.

I have 2 test files -

I can create the relevant Transfer in the Design Tab.

1. Create the Source
2. Create the Target
3. Create the Transfer

I select File
I specify a folder

I do the same for the Target.

I now create the Transfer

The very intuitive UI lets me specify the transfer. All I need to do is select
Source and Targets.

Here I can add the source I previously created.

Note the supplementary functionality available here in respect of filtering and security.

I then add the target, previousl created.

Note the  supplementary functionality available here in respect of scheduling, pre- and post-processing.


Deploy the transfer -

Test, by dropping the files into the source folder -

Monitor -

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