Thursday, June 26, 2014

#10 SOA 12c New Features - Enterprise Scheduler (ESS)

SOA 12c comes with its own OOTB scheduler.
It is integrated in em

Job Definition is simple - here is a list of the possible job types -

An API is also available, so you can schedule jobs programatically.

Here is a simple example - I have depoyed the following sync BPEL process.

I now define a job to execute this conposite every 2 minutes -

For this I will need the BPEL process wsdl -


I enter the wsdl url, then press Go

Here I can specify the operation and enter a payload

I am using the obiquitous order, which probably doesn't make much sense from
a functional persepctive. But I'm sure you can extrapolate from this.

I now submit a job request

I select my job definition -

I can now specify the schedule -

I then check the composite instances in em

and see that they are being created every 2 minutes.

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