Monday, June 30, 2014

#2 BPM 12c New Features - skip and back error handling

Skip/Back error handling allows us to catch an error in a BPM process and retry or skip the activity that cuaed it.

Here is my composite -

The ValidateOrder Service can throw 2 business exception - MinorException and MajorException.
The business logic for error handling in the BPM process is simple - MinorException then retry -
MajorException skip.

The validate Order web service -

This is how the  business logic for handling the MinorException is implemented in the BPM process -

I set the newly available pre-defined variable - "action" - to "back"
i.e. I want to rety the validateOrder service.

Deploy and test -

The business fault - MinorException is thrown and the instance is Recovered.

file is written -

Trace -

Now I implement the handler for the MajorError -

Here I just skip

Deploy and test -

Trace -

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