Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oracle Enterprise Gateway(OEG) Policy Center

To quote from the whitepaper  

"OEG Policy Center is intended for managing policy deployments across multiple Oracle Enterprise Gateways (multiple-gateway policy management). OEG Policy Center manages policy migration between development, staging, and production." 

It is essentially a process you start ala the gateway itself and you then connect to it via Policy Studio. Here I have 2 OEG instances and policy center started.

I can then start Policy Studio and connect to Policy Center -

Note the default policy center port is 8060

As you can see, I have added the 2 OEG instances to the "process" list

For this scenario - OEG running on management port 8090 is my Test instance OEG running on management port 8093 is my Production instance

I added a new user and a couple of Alerts to the Test instance. Now I export the configuration, saving to file exportUsers.xml

Return to the main Policy Center screen

I select the "production" instance

and import...

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