Tuesday, April 24, 2012

OEG Service Manager part 2

I can of course apply policies to my registered service using service manager.
In this case, I just dragged and dropped the XML Threat policy to the Request icon.
Ergo, in Service Manager - I can register service and apply existing policies to them. I can also create new policies within this tool.
The new Policy - testPolicy - has been created. Now we can add sub policies to this. Here I dragged and dropped in the HealthCheck policy.
In other words, we can create new policies from existing ones. We cannot create policies from scratch in this tool.

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Kathir said...

Hi Niall

I'm kathir SOA Specialist in India, just now i started OEG research.
You blogs are so good , here i need one information. could you please provide the steps to remove one registered webservice from service manager?.
i'm getting below error when i'm trying to remove a registered WS.