Monday, October 10, 2011

OEG - Oracle Enterprise Gateway - Throttling

Simple example - throttle to only 5 requests per minute.

This builds on the example detailed in the previous OEG blog posting.

We will now amend the generated circuit (or shall we say, policy pipeline) to throttle requests to 5 per minute and email the Sys admin in case of violation.

We do this using the Throttling filter -

It is configured as follows -

Now we need to set up the connection to the EMAIL server (I'm using James for this)

We need to add an Alert destination -

Configured as follows -

Naturally, I have already created a user oegadmin on James - adduser oegadmin welcome

Now I configure an Alert filter in the policy (Failure Path) -

Deploy and test -

We can use Service Explorer and simple click run 6 times to see throttling in action.

I then check my email -

However, there is an easier way of doing this. We can use the OEG sr cmdLine tool to send the requests for us -

sr -h localhost -u/NiallsCreditCardService -s 8082 -p 10 -d10

The parameter definitions -

Now you be asking what is this /NiallsCreditCardService ?
this is simply a relative path I created on OEG -

essentially virtualising the backend service for us.

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