Monday, October 24, 2011

BPM Workspace --> issue loading ADF task flows

My colleague Flavius Sana takes the kudos for the following "guest" post.
This issue can occur when working with BPM VM images. -

Probably you encountered this problem before. In BPM Workspace when you try to open a task form you get something like this:

The application is trying to load the task form from a different address (like localhost). You can solve the problem by creating an alias in the local hosts file and …
Go to sqlplus and login into soainfra
$ sqlplus dev_soainfra/
And at the SQL prompt:
SQL>update WFTASKDISPLAY set hostname='soabpm_vm.local';
Your problems have been solved:


Anonymous said...

Hi Niall,
There is an alternative solution which is to do the following:

- Open the composite/process dashboard in Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control (the place where you see the running instances)
- Scroll down to the Component Metrics section and open the Human Workflow component dashboard by clicking on it's name
- Switch to the Administration tab
- Modify the endpoint hostname

Try invoking your process again and everything should work.


Niall Commiskey said...

Cheers Chris!

Pankaj said...

hi Niall,
Your blog for email notification in BPM 11g is really good it help me a lot
but if i want to send the notification in the next human task email how to do that please help me how to do that. because for now it sends those mails in the weblogic incoming and outgoing email message configuration for every human task notification. my mail id is


Joakim Suarez said...

Niall, here's another solution setting the FusionAppsFrontEndHostUrl:

Worked like a charm!
:) Joakim