Saturday, October 29, 2011

BPM 11g Feature Pack - Correlation

Simple example to show feature pack correlation at work -

Scenario: we have 2 BPM processes one for processing orders and one for cancelling orders

1.MyOrderProcess - does the order approvals etc. Orders arrive via the FileAdapter
(ReadOrder – / inOrders directory).

2. MyCancelOrderProcess – processes order cancellations and informs the OrderProcess. Order cancellations arrive via the FileAdapter (CancelOrder - /inCancellations directory).

When a cancellation message arrives, OrderProcess is informed – order processing is terminated and an audit message is written to a file (AuditOrder/audit directory)

So we need correlation between the 2 - we do this essentially the same way as we do in BPEL.

We create the same correlation keys/properties in both processes - based on the orderID.

Full lab doc at

App at -

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