Friday, June 24, 2011

Reusing task UIs in BPM11g

Scenario: Both sales and finance need to approve the incoming order. The payload is the same for both human tasks.

In this lab we generate the ADF UI project for ApprovePart1 and then configure it to be used for ApprovePart2.

1. Create a simple BPM app with 2 human tasks(same payload) in JDev.
2. Auto-generate the task form for the 1st task.
3. Check out the hwtaskflow.xml file in the UI project.

4. Add a second entry -

4.1. We just need to change WorkflowName and TaskDefinitionNamespace

5. Define users for the roles -
5.1. Sales- jcooper, Finance - jstein

6. Deploy and test. I'm using a FileAdapter to Read in orders.

6.1. login to Workspace as jcooper, make some changes to the payload, then Approve

6.2. login as jstein

full doc at

JDev workspace at -

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