Tuesday, July 5, 2011

SOA Suite 11g - FTP Adapter

Here is a simple lab demonstrating use of the FTP adapter.

I'm using FileZilla as my FTP Server.

I created the following directories

FTP Server Configuration

I create a user NiallC/NiallC
and configure the shared folders as follows -

Create FTP Adapter artifacts using WLS Console

Deployments --> FtpAdapter --> Configuration --> Outbound Connection Pools --> New

Edit the properties as follows -


Create a new SOA app

In this example I read in an(GET) order and then write it out (PUT).

Configure the read adapter as follows -

Configure the write adapter as follows -

Add the Mediator and specify the transformation.

That's it.

App at


Harish said...

I have a dought and this question is my asked me ?
1)is there any types in mediator
2)can i use the mediator to pick the data from mediator ?

Niall Commiskey said...

Hi Harish,

can you please qualify your question - i.e. what types are you referring to?

you can chian one mediator to another using EDN for example