Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sharing comments between BPM processes

I have a simple scenario -
A BPM process that accepts in an order and then processes it via 2 human tasks - validateCustomer / validateProduct.
I would like to share comments entered in human task 1 with human task 2.

When we define a Human Task in BPEL we can, via the Advanced tab, activate a checkbox to include the task history, comments etc from a previous task.

This functionality is available as follows in BPM 11g.
(Merci JorgeW.)

Deploy and test

Amend the payload, add a comment etc, Approve.

Comment is visible in the next human task.


Rommel Pino said...

Hi Niall,

But I guess as of, any comments added by the approver/reviewer will not be seen by the initiator in case the task is rejected or requested for info.
Please see the following thread:

Rommel Pino

Bert Borst said...

Hi Niall,

I do not understand how to show comments in the next human task.
In the print screen there is no 'checkbox to include the task history, comments etc from a previous task'.
In the checkbox ther is only the re initiate checkbox. But I don't think you mean this one. This would certainly not work when crossing swimlanes.

We have a process with 4 tasks.
1- Request Quote (customer)
2- Approve Quote (sales)
3- accept quote (customer)
4- finalize quote
The first task will submit the process. Comments entered in this task are visible in task 2 and 3 (but not 4)
Comments entered in 2 and 3 are not visible in the next tasks.
Awkward not consistent behavior.