Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Setting up shared folders on Oracle SOA Virtual Box

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I'm using VirtualBox 4.x with the SOA image created with a 3.x version.
Shared folders don't work ootb.
Essentially you have to re-install the "new" version of VirtualBox Additions -

Thanks to the colleagues here in my workshop for the support!

I set up a shared folder as follows –

I install Guest Additions

You might get a pop-up prompting you to do a Force Unmount - so do it!

Open a Terminal window in /media

You should see a directory VBoxAdditions...

do an su root (password -oracle)

Now we need to add the user oracle to the group vboxsf

System --> Administration --> Users and Groups

Re-start the image

Open a Terminal window in /media

Yet another way - from my colleague Lawrence -

From the Oracle VM VirtualBox select the VM and go to Settings>Shared Folders
Add a share folder with a logical name like Share -> C:\VM\Share
Boot up the VM
As root
mkdir /mnt/share (share can be anything you want)
mount -t vboxsf Share /mnt/share

Note that the "Share" is from the is the logical name, and "share" is the directory that you are mounting. After this you can access everything in the /mnt/share directory. The mount command must be repeated when you want to use it.

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