Monday, January 24, 2011

Localhost --> Virtualbox SOA image communication


I have installed the SOA Virtual Box image and now want to be able to access it from my host (winxp) machine, as follows -

- using IE
- from JDeveloper

Step 1: Localhost setup
- VirtualBox 4.x installed
- MSFT Loopback Adapter installed and running on
- \etc\hosts entries yourHostName soabpm-vm

Step 2: VirtualBox configuration
- Start VirtualBox
- Delete the host-only network entry

- Start the image

Step 3: Image Network configuration

- Click on Devices --> Network Adapters...

- Check for eth0 connection
- If not found, create one.
- System --> Administration --> Network (password –oracle)
- Set ip address to

- Re-start the image
- Once restarted, check that eth0 is active.
-- System --> Administration --> network
--- If not, activate
--- Start & Test SOA WLS
---- Once running, test from browser on localhost –

Step 4: Create a new app server connection in JDev

- Test


Anonymous said...

Thanks Niall

Good one


Jeronimo said...

Hi Niall,

Great documentation. Saved me a lot of trial and error time.



Jeronimo said...

Great documentation Niall, saves me a lot of trial-and-error time :-)