Monday, May 24, 2010

JSF 2.0?

Interested in what's on the way?
Then I suggest you look at for a good introduction to what's coming.

Composite components is a very interesting feature - good example at Arun Gupta's blog

As Arun mentions in his blog -

"Essentially, a composite component is what it says - a composition of two or more components such that it behaves like a single component. For example, consider four components in a panel grid where 2 components are "h:outputText" to display prompts and other 2 are "h:inputText" to receive input from the user. The composite components allow all of these components (1 panel grid + 2 "h:inputText" + 2 "h:outputText") packaged as a single component."

He also mentions 2 more features on the way -
Resource Handling and Facelets.

"The Resource Handling defines a standard location for bundling resources in a web application and Facelets defines a cleaner templating language that enables composition."

I'll check these things out and see what the real deltas compared to the current release of ADF Faces from a functional perspective.

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