Monday, May 3, 2010

Getting started with Oracle SOA Suite 11g

I just got my hands on this excellent introduction to Oracle SOA Suite 11g.

The book starts off with a general introduction to SOA - past - present -future and then go into the nuts and bolts of Oracle's SOA offering.
Highlights are the tight component integration, end to end monitoring and management, java based BAM along with a very intuitive IDE which greatly eases the development of SOA apps.

The book covers the development of a sample Purchase Order process during which one gets to know all the Oracle SOA components - Mediator, BPEL, Human Workflow, Oracle Adapters, Event Delivery Network and BAM. There is also a chapter dedicated to Security (leveraging Oracle Web Services Manager). A new addition with 11g is the
B2B component (it was there is 10.1.2 but not in 10.1.3) which can act as a pre-/post processor for the SOA composites (your canonical business processes). The chapter on B2B is a must for those interested in the secure and reliable exchange of documents between trading partners.

Here's the link -

Getting started with Oracle SOA Suite 11g from Packt

For a taste go to

and pick up the free chapter on Event Delivery Network.

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