Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oracle BPM 11g - leveraging web services / parallel paths

In this simple scenario we augment the functionality from the previous post with the following –

Leverage web services to
o Validate Customer
o Check Inventory

This can be done in parallel, so let's implement it!

Create demo web service

See Appendix A for Java class which you can deploy as a web service to the AdminServer.

Test the web services from WLS console

Copy the wsdl
o E.g.

Drag & drop a Web Service in composite.xml

Create variables to hold the operation responses

Create Check Inventory ServiceTask

Create validateCustomer Service task

Add parallel processing

Connect as follows –

Deploy & Test

View instance tracking in em console

Zoom in to ValidateCustomer

I will implement the required error handling in the next post

Appendix A

Deploy as a J2EE 1.5 web service with annotations

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