Tuesday, January 30, 2024

#1004 - OIC - Rapid Adapter Builder Part 2

Leading on from the previous post, let's delve a bit deeper.

Adding your own logo

This above is the default logo, remember this is taken from the following file - 

Let's look for something more suitable, how about the following?

I scale this down and convert to svg format.

Now I just copy and paste the contents of this file into logo.svg.

Now to re-publishing, here I will need to increment the version number - 

I publish again and check in OIC - 

Adding Vendor Details

We want to put this up on the Marketplace, so lets enter some vendor details.

I re-publish, increasing the version number, before I do so.

I validate in OIC - 


Adding other security options

We saw in the previous post how the security specified in the postman collection was used, when generating the adapter definition file. 

In my case, Basic Auth. 

Now let's add OAuth to that.

I re-publish, upping the version number.

This is a major change, so the version is now set to 2.0.0.

I see the following error message - 

Incompatible changes - so let's just change the id to the following - 

Back in OIC...

The 2 security options are available.

I could edit the security settings, maybe make it somewhat more user friendly -

Deleting an Adapter

Here I see a list of the RAB based adapters on my OIC instance - 

I get the following error message

2024-01-09T17:12:49.335Z [error] Cannot delete RAB document 'develop:amqp-collection-for-rab'. Reason: Could not delete adapter 'develop:amqp-collection-for-rab': still in use.

Net, net, I can only delete an adapter if there are no OIC connections dependent on it.

Adding Support for connectivity Agent

again, super easy with RAB -

Publish and validate in OIC - 

Finally, custom adapters created with RAB are surfaced in the OIC Service Metrics - 

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