Wednesday, January 3, 2024

#1001 OIC GCP Storage Adapter

Leading on from the previous post - 

I created the above bucket in my GCP project. As you see, there are 4 invoices uploaded.

Let's see how this works with OIC. I have a simple scheduled integration that reads from a folder on my File Server - 

First step is to create the connection - 

Project Id, Client Id and Client Secret as per the previous post.

The scope I use is

The list of valid scopes can be found here.


I click Provide Consent - same procedure as that detailed in the previous post. Now to the integration -

I list the files in the file server folder and then - for each file - I download the invoice. The invoice is then uploaded to GCP Storage.

The GCP Storage invoke is configured as follows - 

The Upload File map is as follows - 

File Reference --> Stream Reference
File Name --> Name

I run the integration -

Let's look again at the adapter functionality - 

Bucket Access Controls


Default Object Access Controls


Object Access Controls -


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