Tuesday, July 25, 2023

#977 OIC - counting OIC messages for subsidiaries within an organization

A nice use case here - I have a customer moving to OIC from another integration platform. The customer has multiple subsidiaries within its organization, all of which will be invoking the same set of OIC integration apis. The customer would like to how how many OIC requests are coming from each of it's subsidiaries.

Here is a simple solution based on OIC Tracking fields.

I create a simple REST based integration and add a custom http header - 

As you can see, I use the customer http header my primary tracking field.

I execute some requests, for Sub1 and Sub2.

Now to the OIC api - I will use this to get my count of messages from each subsidiary.

I need to set the query parameter, q, as follows - 

q={primaryValue: 'Sub2'}

Try this out in Postman - 

Note the timewindow parameter - the default is 1 hour. I now add this parameter and set it to 1d, to pick up some tests from this morning - 


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