Sunday, July 9, 2023

#975 OIC Projects RBAC - a simple example

I have created 2 users niall and nuadac - the second user is in honour of Nuada of the Silver Hand or, as we say in Gaelic, Airgeadlámh. Airgead is the Irish for silver or money and lámh is hand. You can find out more about Nuada here.

Now back to OIC and Project RBAC - I login to my OIC instance as user niall and create a project - 

  Note, I do not check the box.

I now sign out as niall and sign in as nuadac -

nuadac has no projects, but let's get rid of the filter - I see some projects, including AA-ERP-Private-Project - 

Let's try and access it - I click on the edit icon - 

Ok, let's sign back in as the project owner, and add a couple of artefacts.

I then add nuadac to the project - as a  Viewer.


I login as nuadac - I can see the lookup and the connection, but can only view - 

Back in as the owner, I add an integration and run it a couple of times - 

I also give nuadac Monitor rights - 

I log back in as nuadac and click on Observability - 

nuadac can be trusted, so let's give him edit permissions - 

nuadac adds a lookup to the project - 

He can also create Project Deployments - 

nuadac can also delete projects, so edit means edit, in the full sense of the word.

The only delta between project owner and editor, is that the latter CANNOT share the project.

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