Friday, October 21, 2022

#933 OCI Process Automation - Invoking Child Processes and Business Keys

I've a very simple use case here - the main process approves an order then invokes a child process to ship the goods.

My starting point is as follows - 

Note the configuration of Enter Order - I have set the Business Key to the Order Nr - 

So now to creating the Ship Order process - 

Once I select the new Start type, the Process Properties UI changes to allow me to enter input / output variables.

Now I add an approval task for the Shipper -

The Human Task is configured as follows - 

Note the auto-binding to the input payload I defined.

Finally, I need to do the output data association - 

 As you can see, I simply copy input to output, then override the order status with the result from the Approve Shipping task.

Back to the Approval Process, here I use the Call activity to invoke the child process.


Let's activate the Process application and test - 

I now put on my approver hat - 

The Shipping Process starts - note the orderNr as reference id -


I can now search on the business key - i.e. the order number, in my case - 2112 - yes, I was a Rush fan in my very early youth!

Our Process Automation is very compelling, easy to use - the perfect addition to your SaaS extension kit.

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