Tuesday, October 18, 2022

#932 OCI Process Automation - Localization


I have a simple use case here - need to support English and German users for my Order Approval process.
I begin by clicking on the 3 dot menu at application level -> View Localization.

Now I edit the new Locale - 

I see the 3 relevant artifacts from an UI perspective - 


I will just apply to the Order Form - Here is the default English version - 

Now to the Localization - 

I Activate the Process and then create an instance. My OrderProcess is message driven so I do this via Postman -

I now login to Workspace on a different browser, where the language is set to Deutsch.

I look for the new order requiring approval and open the form -

Let's add translations for Approve / Reject.

I activate and then create a new order flow via Postman. I then open the Process Workspace and select the new task - 

OPA makes Localization very easy to implement, or, as we say in German - Alles sehr einfach!

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