Monday, January 17, 2022

#897 OIC invoking OCI Functions (python) - Part 2 - Creating the OIC Integration

So now we have the python function, let's leverage it from OIC - 

Create Connection for OCI Functions 

So what will we need here?
1. base url
2. tenancy ocid
3. user ocid
4. private key
5. fingerprint

Check out my previous post on leveraging functions from OIC here, if you need details on where to retrieve these values from.

Create the Integration

I create a app driven integration with a REST trigger - 

Response is as follows - 

Set the relative uri to the following - 

The function endpoint has the following format -

The relative uri is set to /20181201/functions/ocid/actions/invoke


Request / Response configured as follows - 

Request Mapping - 

Map Integration response - 

Test the Integration

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