Friday, January 7, 2022

#895 OIC --> Oracle Hospitality from Reservation to Check In - Part II


Part II covers the CheckIn process - previously, we got so far as the reservation - ending up with a reservationId. Now, from my extensive experience as SPG Titanium guest, I know that the next steps are provide payment method e.g. my credit card and then get a room assigned to me. That's what happens when I arrive at the hotel.

So how do we achieve this thru the api?

Assign Payment Method to Reservation


AddPaymentMethod is configured as follows - 

This, again, based on the OHIP Postman collection - 

Assign Room to Reservation

let's look at what happens when one checks in at the front desk. I gave the staff member my credit card and then I get a room assigned. The latter involves the person checking which rooms are available in my booking class and then assigning one of these to me. So how can we achieve such with the OHIP apis?

GetAvailableRooms4Guest is configured as follows - 

/fof/ refers to Front Office.

The Response is copied from the OHIP Postman Collection - 

The integration response returns the room numbers (roomId). All I need to do now is pick a room number and use it in the following integration - 

AddRoom2Reservation is configured as follows - 

CheckIn the Guest

Yes, we're finally there - 

Checkin configured as follows - 

Granted I could have included all of this orchestration in one integration, but I broke it down, just for clarity. Now let's look at testing all of this. 

One thing to note, it may seem very obvious, but you can only checking on the day of arrival. Opera Cloud refers to the current date aa the "business" date. There is an OHIP api available to retrieve the current business date - 

As you can see, my environment is somewhat behind the times - 

So let's test the whole process, beginning with the initial check for room availability - 

I think I'll take a Superior room. 

Next Step - CreateReservation

Note the ReservationId 63400.

Note a profile has also been created for the guest - 

Next step - AddPaymentMethod to reservation - 

Now to assigning a room to the reservation - 
Remember, here I'm looking for 

HotelRoomStatus = Inspected and FrontOfficeStatus = Vacant.

Room 307 is free - Inspected and Vacant.

Here is the roomAssignment - 

Final step - Check In - 

Only problem is today is not the arrival date - 

Here we see the error surfaced in OIC - 

Let's catch the error and return a more business like error message - 

More in Part III

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