Tuesday, October 26, 2021

#888 Configuring OIC Notifications

Simple scenario here - customer wants OIC to send context sensitive emails in case of error. So what do I actually mean by this? I have ERP and HCM related errors, each of these will result in the sending of a notification. However, the ERP related email should have its own sender email address, email formatting etc. The same applies to HCM - Here is a simple example of such emails  - 

Note the 2 email addresses niallC@hcm.com and niallC@erp.com. These have been specified as valid email addresses in OIC - Settings - Integrations - Notifications

Now to the integration that will send the email. This will be part of your error handling framework.

For this simple example I use the following request payload - 

Let's look at the SendERP Error Notification configuration - 

Note the use of html for the LOB look and feel. Also note the use of Parameters. These are set to the relevant values from the Request.

Very simple!

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