Sunday, June 6, 2021

#859 OIC - SFDC -Bulk api

Simple example here - I use the bulk api to load data from an Oracle DB into an SFDC custom object.

Here is my DB table - 

Here is my SFDC custom object -

The integration is simple - 

The SFDC invoke is configured as follows - 

Here is the content of the DB table - 

Activate and test - review in SFDC - 

The job stays here - remaining in progress.

I need to revisit the integration and add the following invoke to SFDC - 


Activate and Test - 

Now let's look at the response from CompleteBulkLoad shown above - 

2 records failed - now this is because I have already done a successful import for these 2 rows - 

I check in SFDC - 

The job is completed, but failed for the aforementioned reason.

I update the DB rows and re-test - 

Naturally, I can also model the integration as follows, i.e. without the loop -


The Map to BulkLoadCustomObject is then as follows - 

I update the DB rows to ensure no duplicates on load - 


I activate and test the integration - 

Leveraging UPSERT option

Ensure the SFDC custom object has a field with the following box checked - External Id

I need to map an extra field, apart from my 4 fields - 

I set this to the external id field name, concatenated with an empty string e.g.
concat ("field1Required__c", "" )

Activate, test -

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