Wednesday, January 20, 2021

#826 OIC --> Process Archiving

 One may need to archive process instances for compliance purposes and what better place to store those completed instances than OCI Object Storage.

Here is the OCI bucket - 

The password entered in Configuring Services above is NOT your oracle cloud password.

Rather - 

I approve 9 human tasks, completing 9 simple process instances - just that I've something to archive.

Simple so far - now to defining the archiving schedule - 

Only 6 minutes to go, so let's wait for the magic to happen...

Back in object storage land...

I download the zip and open it -

metadata - 

Let's check out one of the folders - ECarApprovals-1.7

here we see the export of that version of the Process application -

Back to runtime - here are my 9 process instances

As reference, here is the Process - 

Here are the files from the archive -

So what's in the audit-trace.xml file?

A comprehensive audit of metadata and the process execution.

Each Action in the Process - Start - Fix Supplier - Resubmit? - Create Supplier is reflected in 

<activityName> / <activityType> elements - 


This file naturally contains payload details - input payload, changes made to the payload by Approvers, response payload etc.

docsContent.xml - for docs attached etc. I do not have any.

processInstance.xml - execution engine data, uninteresting from a business compliance perspective.

socialContent.xml - empty, as I am not using Oracle Social

task.xml - includes details of the human task - payload, who is the approver, outcome etc.

task-detail.xml - more detail of task metadata but does not include the payload. 

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