Tuesday, January 12, 2021

#824 - Simple Fusion ERP - OIC Demo

 Here is a very simple demo to show the value add of OIC in respect of creating suppliers in Fusion ERP. Should take you about an hour to create this.

It covers the OIC components - Integration, Process and Insight.

It also includes embedding the Insight Dashboard in Fusion ERP.

Creating a Supplier in Fusion ERP


The above details the minimum number of fields required to create a supplier.

JSON format - 


  "supplierName" : "NiallCSupplier",

  "taxOrgType" : "Corporation",

  "supplierType" : "Supplier",

  "bizRelationship" : "PROSPECTIVE",

  "DUNS" : "389765334",

  "taxCountry" : "US",

  "taxpayerID" : "410417775"


My processing logic is as follows - 

Integration with a REST Trigger invokes the ERP adapter to create a new supplier. A Business Process is called if this creation is NOT successful. 

I also have an Insight Dashboard that keeps business users updated on what's happening.

The Integration

The CreateSupplierScope -

ERP Adapter Configuration - 

Mapping - 

Note:I only show mapped field in the Target above.

The Scope FaultHandler - 

The logic is very simple - if supplier creation fails - 

1. Check for Supplier already exists error. If this is the error then set appropriate error code.

2. Check for DUNS Nr already in use error. If this is the error then set appropriate error code.

3. Set a generic error code for other errors.

4. Call a Business Process which will allow our supplier staff to correct the invalid supplier data.

I just made the arbitrary decision to only check for those 2 issues - Supplier and DUNS.   

The Process

The process is ultra simple -

Essentially, fix the supplier data and re-submit to the Integration - remember the SWITCH at the start of the integration that checks for re-submission?

The Insight Model

The Identifier is the SupplierName.

The Integration 2 Insight Mapping

Demoing the final product

I can validate in Fusion ERP - 

Check out the Insight Dashboard - 

Now I test with an invalid payload - new supplier name with existing DUNS Nr.

The Insight Dashboard has been updated - 

I check out my Process Task List - 

I fix the DUNS Nr and click RESUBMIT -

Insight Dashboard is updated -

Embedding the Insight Dashboard in Fusion ERP

I have already posted on embedded Insight dashboards - check out the post here

I just extrapolate from this - 
I build the url - 


Starting point for the page is the Page Builder in ERP - 

I create a page specifying the Insight url and "Employee" role.
I move the page to the Me section of the ERP Menu structure.

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