Wednesday, September 30, 2020

#802 - Creating Journal Entries in Netsuite via OIC

 My first real foray into the magical world of bookkeeping.

What is a journal entry?

Apparently journal entries are used to record business transactions. And remember the books must always balance - so here's an example for a sales entry -

I sell my Hare of the Dog T-Shirt on credit, so I need to debit accounts receivable and credit sales.

Ask your accountant, if you need to know more.

Net, net, I can create a Journal Entry in Netsuite, via the OIC Netsuite adapter.

Again, I am not a Netsuite or bookkeeping expert, so my first step is to create a Journal Entry in Netsuite itself and then look at the xml version.

Now I have an idea of the structure. 
I create a new app driven integration in OIC with a REST Trigger - request payload as follows -

This seems to me the minimum required.
Credit account 2 and debit account 4. 
I got these account numbers form the xml representation of the Netsuite Journal Entry.

I map as follows - 

I put an if before mapping debit/credit.

Now to testing - 

looks good, except for the Permissions Error -

I give myself this permission in Netsuite 

I re-run the integration -

Validate in Netsuite -

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