Tuesday, September 29, 2020

#801 Oracle Integration (OIC) Recipes - HCM Directory Synchronisation


The 2 previous posts dealt with Technical Accelerators, now to the recipes.
Recipes are best practice implementations of common use cases. They provide a very quickstart to implementing these.

Let's look at the above recipe; as you can see, I have already installed it.


It installs as a package - 

This is what it contains - 

Here is the Integration - I can either clone and edit or edit directly -
I clone it -

Note the Keywords here - you can have a max of 10, so delete that do not apply to you.

If you do not do this, then you will see the following error when trying to save the integration -

Thanks for pointing this out Harris!

Ok, so I delete the superfluous keywords -

Open the integration - 

Let's look at the scope - 

Easy enough to follow - this integration is a scheduled job that will run according to your schedule. It invokes the ATOM Feed from HCM to retrieve new employees, entered after a particular date - dateAtomLastRun.

It uses the REST adapter to invoke an HCM REST api to retrieve new employee details.
Then the ftp adapter is invoked to write the new employees to an file.

This final step can, of course, be replaced by your specific functionality.

So what do I need to do for this to work?

Firstly - complete the connections that came with the recipe -


Now to the ftp connection -
I first create a directory on my ftp server - I am using DriveHQ here

Ok, all connections are tested and saved - let's look at the Lookup and the Library -

Change emailalias to suit your needs.

The Library function is used when setting the value of dateLastRun for the HCM Atom Feed.

Now to the final step, before amending the recipe integration -

Now we can return to the integration -

Note the Schedule Parameter and it's default value - adjust as necessary -


The GetNewHireATomFeed action leverages the HCM connection -

Again, you may want to do some changes here e.g. amending values such as Maximum entries set to be processed etc.

Now to the newEmployee processing loop -

As already mentioned, the HCM REST api is used here to retrieve employee details, remember, the AtomFeed invoke has been configured just to return header data; again something you could change. This action could also be replaced by invoking the REST api via the HCM adapter. 

What I do have to change is the FTP invoke - to specify my output directory.


Note that the file format is based on a csv - again, this is something you can change to suit your requirements.

That's it, now I can activate and test

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