Monday, August 17, 2020

#795 - OIC Shopify Adapter improvements - August Release New Feature

1. The OIC Shopify adapter is now certified with the 2020-04 version of the Shopify api.

2. The OIC Shopify adapter now supports the Inventory Level Update event -

I specify some Tracking fields - activate and test -

Starting point is one product in Shopify

The relevant Shopify permissions have been granted -

I now change the inventory level in Shopify -

An integration flow has been triggered -

3. The Store name is now included in the Business Event payload

4. "Presentment" price support - ability to fetch prices in different currencies - e.g.
Hare of the Dog Vol 1 costs $20 in the US shop and €20 in the EMEA shop.

This requires custom header support in the Shopify adapter.

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