Wednesday, August 5, 2020

#789 OIC - Syncing Netsuite customers and contacts with Eloqua


What follows is a simple example of syncing Netsuite Customers/Primary Contacts
with Eloqua Accounts/Contacts

I create a new customer in Netsuite - Commiskey Botanicals with Joe Strummer as a contact

I run the integration - and validate in Eloqua -

So how did I do this?

An raibh sé draíochta? - you may well ask, but no, no magic, just OIC.

So back to the integration -

I began by creating a Saved Search in Netsuite - think of this like SQL for dummies - you pick the business object you're interested in, join with other related objects and then you're finished; you have the data you require.

In the Results tab, I specify the fields I want returned. Notice the Contact: First Name etc. - this is the join I'm talking about.

The list of fields available in Saved Search for Netsuite objects is available in the Netsuite Records browser here

I run the Saved Search in Netsuite -

I will invoke this from the integration -

Anatomy of the Integration

I create a scheduled orchestration, adding a parameter - dateLastRun - this I will update at the end of the integration.

That parameter is used when invoking the Saved Search.

GetNewCustomers - configuration

I check the total number of records returned.
If > 0, I use the Eloqua adapter to create the account and contact.

Mapping to ImportAccount -

ImportContact -

Last step is to update the schedule parameter with the current date time -

Very simple and succinct - granted this is the bare bones of the integration;
I have not added any error handling. For those interested, this topic is covered in a previous post here.

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