Tuesday, April 28, 2020

#764 OIC - B2B Document Management

OIC B2B support also includes Document and Schema Management- 

Note the new menu option - B2B -

The B2B schema editor allows one to customize EDI data formats. Ok, EDI is a standard but each
EDI enabled trading partner has unique requirements e.g. codes specific to a trading partner, or maybe field lengths that do not map well into the EDI specification.
Net net, trading partners often vary the format of a transaction set to meet their specific requirements so OIC B2B needs to support this.

Click B2B Documents -

Click Create -

That's my doc created, now to the schema it will use.

Now I can create a schema that will include my changes.

Click B2B Schemas -

Click Create -

Now I can edit the schema -

Here I can delete sections e.g. BEG or individual fields -

I can also edit individual fields by clicking on the view symbol -

So what do we have here?

My company, Hare of the Dog Inc., has the rule - Purchase order number is 8 chars.

That was easy - now what else can I do here?

Code List - doesn't make much sense for a PO Nr, but you get the idea -

Let's do this for another field CUR02 - currency -

One can also import lists from a csv -

Changes are highlighted in the list -

Now I apply this schema to my doc - My850PO -

Now to my integration - I can now select my document definition -

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