Tuesday, April 21, 2020

#762 Creating net new apps on top of Netsuite with OIC Visual Builder

I am probably speaking to the converted here, but for all  those still not aware of the rich functionality OIC provides -

OIC is a toolbox containing a set of tools -

1. Integration - to connect apps

2. Process - to extend apps or simply to implement your own custom business workflows

3. Visual Builder - to create net new apps on top of your apis

4. Insight (due soon) - to provide business user dashboards on top of your integrations and processes, e.g. giving HCM professionals insight into an onboarding process - how long it takes, where are the bottlenecks etc.

Today we look at Visual Builder in respect of Netsuite -

For those new to VB, just click here for my posts on what it is and how you use it.

The scenario today is very simple - allow salespeople to update customer contact data outside of Netsuite, either thru a simple web or mobile app.

User enters customer name - clicks Search.
This triggers an integration to retrieve the customer contact data.
Contact data is displayed and can be updated.
Click Update Netsuite to trigger an integration to do what the button says!

The first integration has been stripped down - no handling of customer not found etc.

I use the Netsuite adapter - Search functionality.
Mire details on that in this blog post.

The second integration does the contact update -

Again, the integration is stripped down - no error handling etc.

So, equipped with these 2 REST apis, I can start on the Visual Builder app.

First thing I do in VB is create a new app -

I open the app settings and ensure I can connect to the Integration engine.

Note, I can also enable transparent access to my Fusion apps apis as well.

Now I open the NetsuiteVBDemo app and create a Service connection to OIC - Integration, enabling me to use the 2 REST based apis.

Now to the UI -

Ok, it is very basic - I am not a visually creative, but do appreciate art, especially early 20th century Constructivist art.

Net, net - I built the UI, leveraging the components from the palette.

I also added page variables - these to be used for storing the values from Netsuite.

I bind these variables to my UI text controls e.g.

So what happens when the user clicks the Search button?

An Action Chain is executed - Visual Builder makes it very easy to design such.
Essentially all I want to do is call the GetNetsuiteCustomer api.

Note the "success" flow step - Assign Variables.
Here I assign the return payload from Netsuite to the page variables I defined earlier.

Same modus operandi for the Update Netsuite button functionality -

Assignment as follows -

Now to a simple test -

Here is my customer in Netsuite -

Note the contact details.

I run my app -

I update the email and job title -

I validate in Netsuite -

OIC - it's so easy!

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