Tuesday, May 14, 2019

#708 OIC Taleo EE (OTAC) - Create Requisition

As you can see, I am looking to hire a philosopher.
The above "Requisition" was created via the Taleo UI.

But how could I leverage OIC to do the same?

My first port of call was TCC -

As per the previous post - I need a wrapsoap file describing the Requisition.

Now I am just kicking the tyres - I have no sample input csv file, I don't know what a
Requisition looks like; so where do I start?

Taleo Connect Client

Note the pre-selected columns, these come from the template.

I save the import file -

Once saved, I can generate a .csv file -

You may need to set the path to Excel first -

I rename and amend the file as follows -

Now to the Configuration File -

I specify my sample csv -

Save the Configuration file and then run -

Note that I do not have a link under Wrap SOAP.

Back to the Configuration Definition -

Set the Temporary files folder -

Save and re-execute

Links to the files are now available -

Click on the Wrap Soap link and save the file -

Oracle Integration Cloud

Extrapolate from post #705 to create the OIC integration.
Click here

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