Monday, May 6, 2019

#705 Syncing Customers/Contacts from your CRM to Netsuite

Building on from previous posts -
Here I will sync Sales Cloud customer/contacts with Netsuite.

Essentially I will subscribe to the New Contact Event in Sales Cloud.

Here is an excerpt from the payload I receive in OIC -

AccountPartyId is the internal Sales Cloud Id for the Sales Account(Customer) -
MacCumascaigh Clan.

FirstName/LastName refer to the Contact.

First step will be to check whether the Customer already exists in Netsuite.
I do that leveraging the Search supported by the OIC Netsuite adapter,
the workings of which is detailed here

If the customer already exists - I store the internalId from Netsuite in a process variable, I defined previously (Assign).

If not, I invoke the Sales Cloud adapter - SalesAccount (GET) using the
AccountPartyId as key.

I then create a new Customer in Netsuite, using the data returned from Sales Cloud.

For this simple example, I just use the OrganizationName.

I then store the internal id of the newly created Customer in the process variable mentioned above.

Finally, for both of the above cases, I create the new contact in Netsuite.

Very simple and easy to implement.

Sales Cloud Specifics

OIC Sales Cloud Connection - need to specify the EVENT URL -

Don't forget to register your OIC instance with Sales Cloud


csf-key is the concatenation of your OIC Identity Domain and your OIC Service Instance.
You can see this in the OIC About Box -

OIC Switch condition

Ok, now to testing -

I create a new Sales Account and contact in Sales Cloud.

I add a new contact -

Go to Monitoring in OIC -

Check out the audit trail -

Validate in Netsuite -

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