Tuesday, March 19, 2019

#694 OIC --> Process: using external forms

Here is my simple scenario - approving a new Organization, before it is created in Service Cloud.

Here is my basic form - created in Process.

However, now I can add an external form (ui) to my Process application -

Before I add it, I need to create it.

I will use VB CS for this.
Note the inclusion of the Task Id field.

This field will be used later to update Process with the outcome (Approve/Reject)

From a functional perspective, I need to pass the values of Organization and Country
from Process to VB. From a technical perspective, we need to include taskId.

So, I add these 3 parameters to this VB CS page.

Note the checked -
Input Parameter --> Pass on URL

I bind the 3 form fields to these variables, as per -

I can test this out in a Browser -


Now back to Process, where I click - New External UI -

I specify the URL for my VB CS form.
I add the 2 functional parameters.
I do not need to add the taskId parameter explicitly.

I now apply the new form to the Approval step -

I do the Data Mapping -

I now activate the Process and then test -

I now login to workspace to approve the new organization. This will be done via the external form from VB CS.

I check the network tab in chrome and see the url -


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