Monday, March 11, 2019

#692 OIC - Subscribing to Fusion ERP Events - setup

Some more details -

We need to do some work on the ERP side to ensure events get propagated -

From the docs -

You must create a CSF key to subscribe to events in Oracle ERP Cloud. This key is
required by the event handler framework when it invokes the integration. The
credentials of the integration are managed by the CSF key. Create the CSF key in
Oracle SOA Composer.

Open SOA Composer on the ERP pod -

I click "Manage Security"

Note the csf-key is a concatenation of
the OIC Identity Domain and the OIC Service Instance.

You can get these values by clicking the About box in OIC-Integration.

I don't usually read the docs but in this case, it did prove useful.
Not only for the csf-key stuff above.

Click here for the ERP adapter doc.

Also - to find a list of the events supported -

You can get a list of who is subscribed to which events via the following REST request -



You can also delete subscriptions, via the REST API

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