Friday, July 6, 2018

#639 OIC - VB CS calling Process Part 2

Part 2 of this mini-series covers the Process relevant snippets available with VB CS.

You can see them here -

The full list of operations available is as follows -

A variation of this is offered at Page/Action level -

Ok so how do Snippets this work?

I create a new page called myDeployedProcesses -

I go to the Code view of the page -

I will copy and paste the code snippet in here - so again, here is the html for the snippet

Let's switch to the design view of the page -

As you can see, we have some errors on the page - essentially we need to provide some metadata
that defines the data provider, i.e. our Process instance, for this page.

Back at the Snippets, you can see another tab for json - here is the metadata definition

We need to add this json code to the page.

Here is the default definition -

Here it is, after copy and paste -

Here is the page in design mode -

I will now call this page from my main page - by clicking a button.
Here is the Action -

I test -

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