Thursday, July 5, 2018

#637 SSI invoking OIC

Self Service Integration is our compelling new offer, targeting line of business folks.
With SSI, they can easily create their own "personal" integrations; in SSI speak - recipes.

However, they can also leverage existing business processes and integrations, running on OIC.

Here is a simple example -

This integration creates a new organization in Service Cloud, after checking that the organization doesn't already exist.

So let's call this from SSI - the use case is as follows:

Someone registers for an event in EventBrite - they specify their organization, as part of the
registration process. Now SSI will pick up the Registration Event from EventBrite and then call the above integration.

Firstly, I create a connection to OIC/Integration in SSI -

I can now create a recipe leveraging this connection -

The Trigger definition is self-explanatory -

Now to the Action -

As you can see, it calls my integration -

Map the fields from EventBrite to the input parameters for the integration, and I'm finished!

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