Thursday, May 24, 2018

#631 OIC - VB CS calling Process Part 1

Very simple scenario here -

I create a new organization in a VB CS generated UI.
From this UI, I can kick off a PCS Process to approve the new organization.

It is very easy to create Business Object definitions in VB CS -

the first 4 fields above are created by default (creationDate etc).

VB CS knows about the processes deployed in my AIC instance, in my case, only the one.

Check out the configuration -

Ensure you select the Runtime radio button.

VB CS provides for rich interaction with processes -
more about them later -

I have created a form to create a new Organization -

I have added a button to the generated form - Call Process - when clicked it should start a process instance -

Now to the action (button clicked) configuration -

Now I simply drag and drop the Start Process Action -

Now all I need to do is map the parameters -

So succinct -

Now to a simple test -

Check in the task list -

We can also display these tasks in VB CS - I have created a new page and now
drop in a List control

Add Data to the list -

Live Preview shows me the result -

Check out the VB CS docs here

Chapter 7 covers Processes.

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