Tuesday, May 22, 2018

#630 Autonomous Integration Cloud - the Value Add

The next iteration of our cloud based integration platform has been released recently.
Are we going to get another acronym - AIC? Let's wait and see.

But firstly, what are the deltas between the customer managed OIC and AIC?

OIC customer managed, means what it says - you are responsible for the environment, provisioning pre-requisites etc. You are responsible for patching, DB backup/recovery etc.

AIC is more like a SaaS experience, you just log in and use the stuff.

The screenshot above shows the context menu for my AIC instance.
As you can see, all I can do is use it; no weblogic console login, no enterprise manager login, no ssh.
I just use it, sure isn't that why I bought it?
I don't want to manage underlying infrastructure, I just need to integration my SaaS and on-prem apps.

From a functionality perspective there is 1:1 parity with customer managed OIC -

The only component we have to wait for is Integration Analytics, which should be available soon.

Next great value add is pricing - check it out here

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