Tuesday, April 17, 2018

#625 Installing the APIP CS Gateway

I started by logging in to the Management Console as a Gateway user.
The Gateway user has the Gateway role assigned and so she can manage Gateways.

I create a new Gateway -

As you see, I called it DevGateway - what an innovative name!

I click on the Grants node and assign some permissions on this gateway.

I can do this for the various permissions -

I download the installer -

I unzip it -

Now back to the Management Console -

We need to generate a node properties file that will contain such info as the
mgt console url; they will need to communicate after all.

This file is called gateway-props.json and will be created by the install wqizard. So 
I click on Open Installation Wizard. 

Accept the defaults and click the next icon -

We now download the generated config file -

I now execute the installer -

python2.7 APIGateway.py -f bb.gateway-props.json -a install-configure-start-join

install, configure, start are self explanatory.
join- registration of the gateway node with the APIP CS Mgt Console.

The step above has done the join i.e. I now need to go to the Mgt console and approve the new node.

As you see, the join request is awaiting processing.

I can set the polling interval -

thanks to my A-Team colleagues for making this as simple as possible.

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