Tuesday, April 3, 2018

#624 SSI released, so how does this differ from Integration in OIC?

My introductory post on SSI covered the basic features.
You can read it here

The Features list above alludes to the main differences between SSI and OIC.
Let's look at some of them -

Personal Account: In SSI you connect to your SaaS app, say Sales Cloud, using your own credentials. This will allow you to see your customers etc.
In OIC, the Sales Cloud connections credentials are usually those of a generic "integration" user.

In other words, SSI for LOB, ad-hoc integrations, OIC for enterprise level integrations.
There may be a grey area between the 2 products from a technical perspective, but I think this emphasis of SSI on your individual cloud application account speaks volumes.

Trigger and Action: SSI is a typical IFTTT style of app - If this, then that e.g. if someone responds to my SurveyMonkey questionnaire, then put their details into my CRM system.

Prebuilt Recipes: SSI places great emphasis on reuse. It comes with a plethora of pre-built recipes (65) or integrations which LOB folks can make your own and leverage immediately.

OIC comes with pre-builts, available via cloud.oracle.com/marketplace. These are canonical integrations between, for example, SaaS apps. The pre-built for synchronizing sales accounts and contacts between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, is an example of such. Usually these pre-builts will still require some mapping work, for custom fields etc.
SSI can, however, leverage OIC.
For example, I am running an event via EventBrite and I would like all attendees to be processed as potential leads in my CRM app. I already have a PCS pricess running on OIC that approves such registrants. This I can call from SSI -

SSI can also perform actions on the Integration Component of OIC.

SSI comes with its own set of, what one could term, adapters or connectors-

Some of these are built by Oracle, others you can build yourself.

Here is a list of the Oracle app connectors -
  • Asana
  • DropBox
  • EventBrite
  • GoogleCalendar
  • GoogleContacts
  • GoogleDrive
  • Google Mail (Gmail)
  • GoogleSheets
  • GoogleTasks
  • Jira Cloud
  • LogMeIn GoToMeeting
  • LogMeIn GoToTraining
  • LogMeIn GoToWebinar
  • MailChimp
  • Microsoft Office 365 Excel
  • Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Calendar
  • Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Contacts
  • Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Mail
  • Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Tasks
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Online
  • Oracle BI Cloud Service
  • Oracle Content & Experience
  • Oracle Eloqua
  • Oracle Integration Cloud
  • Oracle Process Cloud
  • Oracle Responsys
  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Oracle Service Cloud
  • SSI Email
  • SSI Timer
  • Slack
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Twilio

Compare and contrast these with the OIC adapters and you will see the emphasis SSI places on LOB productivity tools.

Custom built are, as the name suggests, built by yourself.
But here we are not talking about complex adapter development.
New adapters or connectors, for apps that have REST APIs, are defined via JSON

Essentially you specify the REST APIS you want to enable -
here is an example from a Weather app -

Pricing -

ocpu based pricing is currently applied to OIC.
SSI will use job execution pricing e.g. our Marketing Dept. friends pay every time they execute an SSI flow to get their EventBrite registrants into their CRM.


Want to try out SSI?
Then just click here

As we say in Ireland - great stuff!

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