Tuesday, October 31, 2017

#602 - ICS --> NetSuite to Zendesk integration

Here is a simple example of integrating NetSuite with Zendesk.
We will raise a ticket in Zendesk for a case, created in NetSuite.

I start by creating a NetSuite connection. This process is described in the previous post, available here

I then leverage the ICS REST adapter to access Zendesk. BTW. I logged in to Zendesk and took advantage of their free 30 day trial offer.

So my Zendesk account is as follows -

The REST connection in ICS in defined as follows -

Simple stuff!

I now create an Orchestration in ICS - trigger will be a schedule -

The logic is as follows - an internal NetSuite case id is passed into the process. The process variable is defined at Schedule level. This is then used to retrieve the Case from NetSuite. This case data is then used to create a ticket in Zendesk.

Here is the variable definition -

As you can see, I have hardcoded a value.

The NetSuite Invoke is configured as follows -

The NetSuite adapter offers comprehensive access to the product -

The Zendesk invoke is configured as follows -

Finally I add a Notification action to send out an email containing a link to the ticket in Zendesk -

Now to the testing -

Here is my case in NetSuite -

Hare of the Dog has gone missing - shock, horror!

I execute the test -

I click on the link in the email -

So easy, thanks to ICS.

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