Tuesday, October 31, 2017

#601 - ICS Netsuite adapter configuration

Here is an example configuration of an ICS connection

Yes, I have obfuscated some of the fields, but let's go thru them individually -



So from where did I get the version nr?

Now, I have little or no knowledge of NetSuite as an app, so I just logged in and searched.

so there it is, 2017.2

so my wsdl looks like -


Now to some NetSuite nomenclature -

A “user” is an individual who has access to a NetSuite account.
  •        Generally, most users are employees, but vendors, partners, and customers can also be users.

Email Address: This is your NetSuite user name

Account: This is your company account.

This information can also be garnered by logging into NetSuite and opening up any form within it,
then right click - view page source. Look at the bottom left of the page.

Role: the numeric value of the NetSuite role - for me it is 03. The NetSuite user has to have the
Admin role granted to it.

Application ID: You can generate this from within NetSuite -

Then test it -

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Jonathan Hult said...

Here is a list of WSDL URLs for various versions: https://jonathanhult.com/blog/2017/05/netsuite-suitetalk-wsdl-urls/